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Is the Pandemic over? Experts say no

So is Covid in The Workplace Is it still an issue?

Now into a third Pandemic year, we have not reached the end. More than one million people have died in the U.S. and many more millions around the world. The losses are almost incalculable. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to do what you can to keep your workplace clean and to help stop the spread of the virus. Knowledge and trust are two of the most powerful tools we have in fighting the Pandemic.

So, what do we know?

The virus is spread more easily in any situation in which people are in close proximity to one another for long periods of time. This definitely increases the risk of transmission. Indoor locations, especially settings where there is poor ventilation, are riskier than outdoor locations. Activities where more particles are expelled from the mouth, such as singing or breathing heavily during exercise, also increase the risk of transmission.

So, as a business owner what can you do to keep your employees, clients, and customers safe from the spread of the virus?

The most important and effective thing you can do is to devise a plan to maintain the cleanliness of your facility. Hire a professional company such as UpKeep Maintenance to maintain the cleanliness of your facility. Our employees follow YOUR safety and security protocols, including any COVID-19 protocols that you may have. We understand the importance of keeping your workspaces in pristine condition. Choosing a commercial cleaning provider that has the experience and dependability to get the job done day in and day out is critical to keeping morale high and employees healthy.

Keep High-Touch Surfaces continually clean

Examples of high-touch surfaces include pens, counters, shopping carts, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, stair rails, elevator buttons, desks, keyboards, phones, toilets, faucets, and sinks. UpKeep Maintenance focuses on cleaning and disinfecting your “High Touch” areas. Disinfect when needed and don’t forget surfaces like:


  • tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls, ATM machines,

Outdoor areas:

  • Patios, outdoor chairs and tables

UpKeep’s professional building treatments include;

  • Electrostatic sprayer, pump or battery sprayer, or manual spray process
  • Use of hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectants
  • Adherence to CDC guidelines including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If someone has tested positive for COVID-19 in your facility, what should you do?

  • Close off areas used by the person who is sick and do not use those areas until after cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Wait least several hours, if possible, before you clean and disinfect.

Covid is still around so let’s do our part in protecting those around us by maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Call UpKeep Maintenance today to set up a cleaning and maintenance schedule. 800-925-3440 You’ll be glad you did.