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First impressions

Why do they matter? The reason first impressions matter is because they last far beyond the moment. We have all been there. Wanting to make a good impression even has its own saying… “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” First impressions can have a profound effect on us. We use them to determine who we should approach and who we should avoid. Well, is it any different when it comes to your commercial business? Don’t you want to make a great first impression on potential clients and customers? Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov discovered that it only takes a tenth of a second to create the first impression. Wow that is not a lot of time!

So, what about your business?

Creating a great visual first impression is vital to any business. You want to create a positive impact on your potential clients which in turn increases your property’s value, improve workers’ productivity, display your eco-friendly values, and make your property stand out. When your client pulls up to your building what do they see? Professional commercial landscaping is so important.

Charlotte, NC

Having a business in Charlotte is fabulous. The state of North Carolina finished as the No. 2 state in CNBC’s America’s Top State for Business for 2021. The annual study found that North Carolina scored high in categories like economy and workforce so it seems safe to say that there is probably a lot of competition when it comes to who your clients will choose. Good for them- harder for you.

What can you do

So how do you attract potential clients and keep the ones you have? By making a great first impression!  And where does it start? Just right outside your door!

To make the most of what you have, call in the professionals! We just finished talking about how difficult it is to keep clients and get new ones with all the competition- so you need a winning team on your side and that is us- Upkeep Maintenance. Commercial landscaping starts with a vision, continues with planning, design, and installation. We are the best there is.

About UpKeep

For the last 21 years, Upkeep Service Maintenance Corporation has served commercial clients throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee with top notch commercial building services. Our clients range from large, multi-story municipal complexes to small businesses with a single leased location. No customer is too big or too small.

What about that Lasting Impression

Well, we have talked about the first impression and how important it is but what about the lasting impressing? That continual maintenance upkeep that keeps them coming back? Maintenance includes all aspects of landscape management from mowing, trimming, and fertilizing to irrigating, weeding, plant bed maintenance and tree care. Maintaining and beautifying Charlotte commercial properties to make sure they present only the best image to their clients and customers is what we do best. We can provide commercial irrigation maintenance and installation, tree and stump removal, irrigation canals and rainwater management services as well.

Now what?

So, what should you do next as a commercial business owner in Charlotte, NC?

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Let us take the stress and worry out of the maintenance and repair of your landscape.